Our Products

Natural products

All our shell comes from unprotected species, sourced from the Pacific Basin, where stringent safeguards are in place to protect and conserve the shells and support those who harvest them.

Mother of Pearl shell

We can supply a variety of styles of buttons made from this beautiful shell. We offer a wide range of sizes from 14’ to 44’ and can dye and smoke the buttons. Smoked products will come from the yellower part of the shell, saving the highest quality white shell for white or pale buttons.


This shell produces our most popular and versatile buttons. They are available from sizes 14’ to 44’ and can be supplies in white, natural, smoked and DTM. The final product can either be polished or given a matt finish.


A natural black/grey mother-of-pearl, with a beautiful green lustre. A number of button styles are available in sizes 14’ to 50’.


If you need a bright white button, as opposed to the creamy white of Trocas this is the shell for you. Lots of styles available 14’ to 40’.


This is a versatile, affordable button, with a pearl face and bark back. It is available in one style – 4 hole, in a wide range of sizes from 14’ to 60’. It is particularly useful when very large, affordable buttons are required.

Rustic Horn

We can supply rustic horn buttons sourced from buffalo horn from India.

Horn buttons and toggles

When tailoring requires, we can supply a small range of horn buttons and toggles, sourced from unprotected cow buffalo breeds in India.


This natural material, also called tagua, is made from the fruit of a palm tree found in Ecuador. It produces cream coloured buttons that can be successfully dyed to any colour.

Man-made products

Whilst specialising in Mother  of Pearl and shell buttons, we are also able to supply man-made buttons often to our customers specification and branding.

Bagasse/ Biomas Urea

These Urea buttons have 30% Bagasse content. This is the fibre from sugar cane stalks or recycled plant based material from corn waste. Using even a small proportion of recycled material is a great step forward in our commitment to reduce , reuse and recycle.

Polyester and urea buttons

Polyester and Urea buttons can be supplied in almost any style , size and colour to the customers specification with branding if required.