Our Philosophy – Created by Hand

Our customers

We have close relationships with many of the UK’s most prestigious knitwear and garment manufacturers and producers. We have supplied many of them for more than 40 years. Our reputation goes before us, they know they can rely on us for superlative quality product and customer service.

Our products

All our products are finished at our traditional factory in Sheffield. As shell is a natural material, all our buttons are unique. We turn, check and count before sending to make sure they are a perfect colour and quality match.

Our Service

We’re a small team and love talking to our customers about their precise needs. We respond quickly to enquiries and orders and our precise production programming makes sure our customers are always kept in the loop, with accurate lead times and delivery dates scheduled right from the start of the manufacturing process.

Bespoke design

We are often asked to make bespoke buttons for our customers. We collaborate with them right from the start of the design process by suggesting different raw materials, button styles and thicknesses, and branding elements to make sure we create a truly unique button for them. We also offer other shell products, such as collar stiffeners and shaped shell for use in cufflinks and shirt studs.

Small minimums

We are more than happy to offer small minimums, which can be especially helpful for smaller manufacturers when producing sample garments.


We can produce and hold large stocks of particular buttons for our customers, ready, as required, for their call-off. This offers great economies of scale and is very helpful for reducing lead-times.