Our Future

We are absolutely committed to making our business as responsible and sustainable as possible, and because of this, we fully embrace the three Rs; reduce, reuse and recycle.

The vast majority of buttons we supply are made from natural raw products derived from either unprotected or farmed species, with minimum impact on the environment and marine health. In fact, the shells we use are one of nature’s ultimate sustainable materials and our buttons are completely recyclable.

We are committed to reducing our use of energy and constantly undertake exercises to ensure we are as efficient as possible.

Any chemicals, materials and dyes we use are recycled and reused whenever possible and the majority of our dyes are organic.

Our packaging is recycled wherever possible and we are currently working on ways to improve this further. Alongside this, we try wherever possible to send out our orders as one package to reduce the number of deliveries, transportation costs and environmental impact.

When we work with man-made materials, we are always seeking out new solutions that allows us to use recycled materials in the production process. Our Bagasse Urea buttons are a good, innovate example of this.